Adrian Trifan or “Yongu” is a DJ / music producer born on May 11, 1988 in Bucharest.

For him all started in 2007, when he attended several underground electronic music parties in his town. He felt a strong call for music and then understanding the message sent through sounds then he decided to express himself in this way becoming a DJ.
After some time , he bought his first Dj equipment and began to play music at various parties in the neighbourhood or even in pubs, outdoor events and private parties.
The club parties started , which had a positive impact on him and made him evolve and go on on this road.

As music style, Yongu is somewhere on the border between Tehno and House, and its sound is dominated by a rhythmic bass line, crisp basses and hi hats, powerful and vibrant snorts, penetrating vocals.
He was influenced by artists such as Pablo Gadeira, Sidney Charles, Paul C & Paolo Martini, Rub a Dub, and artists from Romania such as Herck, Livio & Roby, Pedro, Rhadoo and many others.

In mid-2014 he focused his attention on musical production and set up a small studio at his home.
Since 2015, he has been recording at Golan Studio and he is currently working on the Safe Music online podcast and production.

Since 2017 he is hosting Hear On music show at Radio Deea, every Sunday from 1PM