PoL, by his real name Paul Vasilescu was born in the heart of Bucharest – Romania on 11-06-1986 and still, his heart is where he mixes, his soul is for the people.

His curiosity about music began in a morning when he attended his first after hour party at a very well-known club in Bucharest named Silver then arrived home and started to look for software that could help him understand how it’s done and self-learned the basics.

After building his character he started putting his feelings in the music he played slowly improving his technical abilities and favorite music genre. He began his DJ career in 2007 and in 2012 he became DJ resident at FlyBoard Snagov. In the same year he became Resident DJ at Pop Bar by Van Gogh.

2015 was the year when he started the residency at MooD Snagov and Sankt Petersburg Pub where he hosted a party every monday for about two years.

2016 is the year of new opportunities and besides the existing residencies he is hosting Tech Whispers, a weekly live show at Radio DEEA and a new residency at Privilege Sound party hosted by Jack’s Pub.

Starting 2017 he is part of We Are Golan project as one of the resident djs and event manager, and also Resident DJ by the pool at Domeniul Greaca in the summer time.

His favorite genres are very diverse from funky house, nu-disco to deep-tech, techno, progresive and also minimal and micro, he played together with well-known local DJs like: Negru, Adrian Eftimie, Optick, Rosario Internullo, Victor Stancov, Marco Briguglia, Just2, Dobrikan, Dubphone, Luca M, Marika, Andre Rizo, Bibi, Gully, Diego, Double Deez, Alex Dutu, Alex T, also he had the opportunity to play together with international DJs like SIS, Jerry Ropero and Horatio.

His motto is: “You can find bits and pieces of your soul in the music I play”.

His favorite quote: “Life without music would be a mistake” (Fredrick Nietzsche).